How long does it take to recharge Halo Sport?

Allow up to 3 hours for Halo Sport to fully charge. When completely charged, the indicator light will turn solid green. Halo Sport can be charged with the provided USB Wall Charger, a computer, or another USB Wall Adapter.

Halo Sport only needs to be charged for approximately 20 minutes to complete one Neuropriming session. 

NOTE: Halo Sport will not start a Neuropriming Session while being charged

For information on charging Halo Sport, refer to: Charging Halo Sport


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    Pete Foret

    Can it be changed at the same time while using the halo?

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    Shawn Razek

    Hi Pete--No, you can not do a Neuropriming Session while the headset is charging. However, you can still listen to music via the audio cable while the device is charging.

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