Can I listen to music with Halo Sport?




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    Karl Jacob

    Umm that's a real bummer given Iphone 7 have no audio jack. Any chance you all will fix this in the future???

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    Shawn Razek

    We are investigating Bluetooth Audio. Halo Sport uses Bluetooth Low Energy to maximize the amount of Neuropriming sessions per charge. Bluetooth Audio uses Bluetooth Classic which consumes up to 10x more power. 

    At this time, we suggest iPhone 7 customers to use the provided Lightning to Headphone jack adapter. 

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    André Tauchnitz

    Can I use Halo Sport neuropriming while I’m hear music ?

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    Alex Cates

    Hi Andre, yes you can!  The audio is a separate process and either requires a standard aux cable (such as the one we provide) or a Bluetooth adapter (such as the one you can purchase on our website (

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