How can I use Halo Sport as a musician?




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    Lochwood Academy

    Will it work for vocalists? They have to work their core muscles as well as their vocal chords. 

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    Alex Cates

    Hi there, while there may be applications towards the core muscles in vocalists as you suggest, we have not tested such applications and therefore do not know if Halo Sport would be beneficial or not.

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    Nina Phillips

    I'm a pianist and often practice up to eight hours a day, can I use halo sport more than once per day? If not, at which point during the day should I use it?

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    Shawn Razek

    Hi Nina, great question. We recommend using Halo Sport only once per day. This is not a question of safety, rather effectiveness. Like other training tools, if you 'overuse' them you will start to see diminishing returns. This same concept applies for Halo Sport. 

    We recommend starting your Neuropriming session in the beginning of your practice. When the 20 minutes is complete, you can take off Halo Sport and continue practicing. After the 20 minutes, you will have 60 minutes of added benefit from Halo Sport. You can continue to practice afterwords, but the added benefit of Halo Sport will not be there. 

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    J Mac

    When using HS prior to dual-handed instrumental practice, such as piano, what is the recommendation on deciding whether to choose the right-hand vs left-hand setting?

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    Bob Clark

    Hi J — in this scenario, people often choose to alternate between the right- and left-hand emphasis programs each day. Both settings will hit the areas of the motor cortex responsible for controlling both the right hand and the left hand, but they have a slightly stronger effect on one side versus the other. If there's a particularly tricky part that challenges one hand, you may also want to choose that program in particular!

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    Joel Scheuermann

    What about an instrument like the organ. How can I use halo to support my practicing of feet and the combination of feet and hands? 

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    Daniel Chandler

    I would like to hear from any musicians who have tried Halo Sport for a month or more.



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