How do I connect Halo Sport with my mobile device?



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    Daryl Berman

    need help keeping it connected for the 20 minutes . Maybe my head is small.

    Also I like the 10 rather than the 5  what is the program to increase this.

    I use mine for piano. I did the Bach prelude test and my memory was incredibly stimulated on first attemp. Impressive. Also use for body building and running.

    I am 60 female but have the most incredible muscles in entire city .Melbourne Beach Florida. Granted as a youth I trained in Body building  but only 2 -3 years in Santa Monica  and muscles have memory  but I will do commercial if you want.

    Also I write music and I am studying at Berklee Online in Jingles so If you want one just tell me and I will write and give to your company for free if you have airplay,even at just promotional conventions but preferably radio or TV (superbowl ad).

    Also, In July in Vegas at the IDEA Convention, ((check it out) if you do not have a booth yet get one!) I will work for your company in an executive level position for the weekend, or on commission (a little because I am retired and into fun) But, LOVE this product. Anyone over 45 who sees their memory decreasing at all should train with this doing math, music or word problems. 

    Also, If you are coming to LV let me know and I can maybe introduce you tosomeone close in vegas  (for over 30 years and currently to supplying disposable medical supplies etc to bid situations, prisions, hospitals, state facilities like police and firefighters.

    I see a massive need for this and love your product. Just get mega studies and documentation and insurance and go for it!! GREAT JOB!!!

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