How do I start my first Neuropriming session?


For more help, watch a video on how to get started (Link).

Turn on your Halo Sport headset by pressing the silver button on the right ear cup. You will see the indicator light flash green and then quickly blink green. In the Halo Sport App, select your headset from the list (Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on). Your headset will appear as ‘Halo Sport XXXXX’ where XXXXX are the last 5 digits of the serial number. Your serial number can be found on the box or behind the left ear pad. When connected, the indicator light will flash white then blink green about once every 2 seconds.

Choose your Neuropriming Session from the list on the bottom of the App. The Hands and Fingers Sessions are meant for finer motor movement and control whereas the Legs, Core, and Arms Session is meant for more full body workout and movement. For instance, if you are practicing tennis and want to work on your grip strength and wrist control, use the Hands and Fingers Session, but if you are working on your swing and planting your feet, use the Legs, Core and Arms Session.

The App will show which Primers need to be installed by showing indicator bars above each part of the headset. Get your Primers and wet them. To wet, use the provided spray bottle filled with tap water and spray each primer multiple times until all sides of the nibs are dark grey and very wet. The more wet they are, the better contact you will get. You can also run then under tap water in the sink.

Place the Primers in the headset and place the headset on the top of your head. For best results place Halo Sport directly over the top of your head as you would a normal set of over ear headphones.

Comb or wiggle the headset once in place. To ensure maximum moisture retention of the primers make sure not to pull the headset through your hair as you place on your head. The Halo Sport App will notify you if you are getting poor contact. When everything is ready, press Start. You will hear a beep from the headset indicating your Neuropriming Session has started. During this time, you want to do your warmup like strides, stretches or light weight lifts. You can adjust the amplitude by pressing the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons within the App depending on your desired comfort level. Your training results will be the same. When the workout is over, the headset will beep and the App will indicate the Session is over. Now, start the intense part of your workout.

For more information about the different Neuropriming Sessions, watch this video.

During your Neuropriming Session and after, you can listen to music with the provided audio cable. NOTE: You cannot play music over the Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth connection is just for communication from the headset to the Halo Sport App.


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