How do I pair Halo Sport with my training?




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    Brains in business / sport

    I don't have a clear view about the 60 minutes... Is it 20 minutes + 60 minutes or 20 minutes and 40 minutes left? What happens after the 60 minutes? 

    If your are building strenght (for example) will this be build up for a short period of time or long?

    When you stop using Halo, does your build up strenght go away?

    Should you only use Halo for training or is it also recommended just before a game?

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    Alex Cates

    Thank you for the questions. The hyperplasticity state lasts for 20 minutes (the session time) + approximately an additional 60 minutes. So, the total time is about 80 minutes.

    This 80-minute window of time is an ideal training period—you'll see accelerated results on the things you practice during this time. The hyperplasticity window closes after that 80-minute period, but any accelerated improvements you see from training during that time will be maintained, even in the absence of additional stimulation from Halo Sport. Just like any skill, however, you'll need to keep practicing to maintain your edge!

    Some athletes choose to use Halo before a game, but the primary benefits are seen from pairing Halo with training.

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    Brains in business / sport

    Okay clear.. Thank you


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