How do I fix a "Poor Contact" message?

Check out this video to help troubleshoot poor contact (Link). 

 The most important thing to remember when starting your Neuropriming Session is to make sure the Primer nibs are dark grey and very wet. If water is dripping from the Primers that is OK and will create better contact.

For first time use, it is recommended to run each Primer under the sink or water fountain for 10 seconds.

1. Make sure the Halo Sport headset is properly positioned on your head like a pair of over-the-ear headphones. For best results, make sure the Primers first touch your head / hair when the headset is in position (Don’t comb the headset from the front of your head into position as it will dry out the Primers). Make sure the headset is snug against your scalp by pressing down on either side of the Halo Sport headset and on the top.

2. Comb the Primers back and forth slightly through your hair to ensure they are getting the best possible contact with your scalp and not your hair.

3. If you are still having trouble, remove the headset and re-wet the Primers using the spray bottle and tap water or place the Primer under tap water in the sink. Again, the more wet they are, the better. Re-insert the Primers, and place the headset back on your head making sure it is snug against your scalp.

The Halo Sport app displays indicator bars at the top to show how well the Headset is making contact. Fewer bars means better contact. When you have good contact, the Start Screen will appear and you can start your Neuropriming Session.


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    Justin Goudreau

    I used my HaloSport 3 or 4 times and now it now longer makes contact. It keeps telling me "poor contact" . I have literally soaked the nibs in water trying to get this thing to work. So frustrated. 

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    Bob Clark

    Hi Justin—saw you have been in contact with our team via email, but please let me know if there is more we can do to assist!


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