How do I recharge my Primers?




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    What kind of solution do you use to recharge the primers? For international users its gonna be expensive buying every 2 months of use... also, I dont find where I can buy them... Thanks

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    Bob Clark

    Hi Rodrigo — with typical use, we'd expect Primers to last at least several months without needing the recharge solution. The starter kit comes with two packs, but if you need more, shoot us an email at and we're happy to help!


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    David Luxton

    I can't find anywhere on the site to order recharge packs or replacement primers. I'd like to keep some spares.

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    Bob Clark

    Hi David — extra primer packs are tucked away on the site at the moment but can be found here:

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    Philippe Morthier

    Hi, I'm living in Belgium and the shipping costs 39$ for a pack of recharge of 9$, it's too much !!!

    Where could I find it in Belgium ?

    Thanks for your answer 

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    Alex Cates

    Hi Phillippe,

    Unfortunately, we do not have any options in Belgium at the moment.  We are looking at ways to lower our shipping costs, but unfortunately, that is what the cost is at the moment.

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