Which Neuropriming Session Do I Use?

Your motor cortex is responsible for all muscle control and movement within your body. Different parts of your motor cortex are responsible for different muscle groups. Each one of our Neuropriming Sessions is designed for a specific part of your motor cortex depending on what muscle group you want to train.

Choose the Legs, Core & Arms when you are working on larger muscle groups like squats, running or dancing. Use the Hands and Fingers Session when you are working on fine motor skills like dribbling a basketball, working on your tennis grip, or playing an instrument.

For the Hands & Fingers Sessions, each session has a positive effect on both hands, but a greater effect on the targeted hand. What we recommend is choosing the Session for the hand you want to emphasize (i.e. left hand to practice hand placement on a guitar neck or right hand to practice finger-picking). Some of our users will switch between the two (i.e. 2 days on one hand, 2 on the other).

For more information, watch this video that explains the difference between the Neuropriming Sessions.


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