What do the tones mean?


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    Alex Cates

    Hi David,  That's basically right.  The complete definition can be found in the Owner's Guide on page 11, but I have copied it below:

    Halo Sport has 4 different types of beeps that will come from the right earcup: 

    1. Neuropriming Started / Resumed - A short 2 tone beep 

    2. Neuropriming Completed - A short 4 tone beep 

    3. Poor contact - Three beeps (same tone) in a row, followed by a break, then the same three beeps. Beeping will continue until poor contact is fixed or 5 minutes have elapsed (Neuropriming session will end). This is accompanied by a blinking yellow light (See Page 15). 

    4. System error - A short 3 tone beep accompanied by a red flashing light (See Page 15)

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