Does it requires an internet connection?



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    Alex Cates

    Hi Alfredo,

    Halo Sport does require an initial internet connection to log in, but so long as you stay logged in, you do not need an internet connection and can operate your Halo Sport without it.  I would not recommend you do this for extended periods of time as the internet connection is used for a number of other functions to ensure your Halo Sport continues to function properly, but you can use it without an internet connection from time to time, just leave the app open in the background and logged in to your account.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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    Christopher M Montanez


    Piggybacking onto that comment, will the Halo Sport be able to function (while still logged in) for the 20 required minutes without an internet connection? I will be working out in locations that do not have internet service and still want to utilize the Halo Sport. 

    Thank you.


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    Alex Cates

    Hi Mike,

    Yes, you can complete the stimulation without an internet connection assuming you have previously logged in to the app.  As I mentioned, I would not completely divorce Halo Sport from connecting to the internet as there are maintenance routines and firmware checks that will not run without an internet connection.  But you can stimulate without an internet connection without any issues.



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