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    Leah McKnight

    Hi David, thanks for your post. That's a great question.

    You'll notice that the Halo Sport app offers 3 different Neuropriming session types - Legs, Core & Arms, Hands & Fingers (R) and Hands & Fingers (L). Each of these session types are designed to target a specific part of your motor cortex, depending on which muscle group you want to train. 

    Although we have separate stimulation sessions for the right and left hands, regardless of which of these sessions you select, it will have a positive effect on both hands (just more of an emphasis on one or the other).

    For piano training, we generally recommend choosing the session that corresponds with your "weaker" hand or the hand you want to focus on. For instance, if you're learning a piece that requires a lot of left hand dexterity, you'll want to choose the Hands & Fingers (L) session.

    Of course, piano players typically use both hands at the same time. If you want to place an equal emphasis on both hands, we recommend alternating between the left- and right-hand sessions from one day to the next.

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